About Me

I literally could not find one photo of me by myself...so this is me and my Gramps!

Hello! I am sooo excited to be here! I'm Melissa and this is a blog mostly about my adventures in picking, buying, and selling things that are old, vintage, handmade, or just super fun! I lean towards shabby chic, farm chic, antiques, and other junk I call treasures. I'm also a mama, a wife, and a small business owner times two. My husband and I restore and maintain log homes for six months of the year...the warm ones, it gets cold in Montana if you hadn't already heard that! Red Hen and Honey Bee is my new business and is the result of three years of extensive soul searching, and even more praying, to find a new direction to follow.

I have been busy the last twenty years loving my job as a mom and working all sorts of side jobs along the way. My daughter graduated high school in 2010 and I suddenly had all sorts of family and friends (and some strangers even!) asking me what were my plans now? Shock...plans? What plans? Like a career or something! I also have a nine year old son so this question really threw me. I wasn't done being a mama, surely they still needed my services, right? Turns out that while, yes they always need you, they don't need you all the time. Sigh...was NOT ready for one of my dear little birdies to fly away and start her own life. Reality set in, what was I going to do now? Cold sweats, anxiety, and fear followed in my search for a new purpose. So I looked into all sorts of "career" choices, visited the local community college, and even sat in on some career expos. Gasp...this was not looking good at all, there were lots of options but none that made me excited or happy or that I felt I would be good at. I was terrified! Then one Saturday while I was at a vintage market all my prayers for Truth became clear. This is what I wanted to do. I wanted to go to auctions and yard sales, I wanted to be a part of this lovely vintage market scene!

Relief...a direction at last! I have Loved "old" things my whole life. I have been buying antiques and vintage furniture for as long as I had my own money to spend and then refinishing them. I love to labor and do not like sitting at a desk, which is ideal for restoring log homes and refinishing furniture! I have all the tools needed and a good supply of "treasures" on hand already! My biggest obstacle is going to be embracing the computer world, I have a typewriter brain! WooHoo...so I am spending the Winter getting a collection together and have committed to three vintage markets starting in June 2012. So this is my new beginning, my jump, my direction and I hope someone out there thinks this is interesting besides my sisters and besties ha!

Smiles and Love,


  1. Hi Melissa,

    I was just wondering where in Montana you live. I live in Butte and will also be doing the Vintage Whites Market this summer with a friend of mine who lives in Helena. Just wondering if you were close, or in the Kalispell area?

  2. BTW, you can check out my work on facebook (I don't have a blog, yet!) at Backyard Bungalow. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Backyard-Bungalow/141253525895822 See you at VWM!