Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My New FancyPants Phone

Hello friends! So I finally broke down and got an iPhone! Coming from a Blackberry is quite a change. I am loving all the apps, especially this one where I can write my blog from my phone! One of the things I was having trouble with on my old phone was getting any decent photos and then it was very hard to load them to my blog or FB. So now my photos should improve but I fear for my spelling because I am struggling with this touch screen stuff! Ha guess its never perfect right!? This is my test run to put a post on blogger with my fancy pants phone and I threw in some pics of my CeCe Caldwell painting fun! All I can say is all the hub bub is true and this chalk paint is amazing...and worth the cost too! I use plastic knives for stir sticks in these small quart size paint cans. There's my recycle tip for the day woot! My first vintage market is only a month away so hopefully all this is going to come together soon...or else someone is going to turn me in as a hoarder! Hahaaahaaa! Have a great day!