Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Missed You!

Hello Friends! Winter is trying to hang on here but Spring has made herself noticed! The piles of deep snow are all gone, only the biggest piles in the shadiest spots have any snow left. The grass is starting to green, which brings more birds for the worms. I have done some major Spring cleaning, including the windows. Inside and out, whoa!

 I looked at the last time I blogged and it was way back in February, for as long as Winter is in Montana, this one flew right by for me. Any local people that just read that probably growled at me for saying that, sorry. I was super lucky and got to spend six whole weeks in sunny California. Even better was that I was surrounded by family and friends and had the very best time a girl can have! It was truly so special to me and I owe a HUGE shout out to my husband who worked extra hard and sacrificed his own comfort so my son and I could do that. Thank You Husband!

We were mainly staying in Rancho Mirage, which is near Palm Springs for out of staters or countriers, and it's a lovely resort community in the desert. When I say lovely and resort, I mean it... green grass, oodles of flowers everywhere, Palm Trees, beautiful water fountains...and lots of retirees. It's warm and sunny almost everyday. Again, sorry to my local friends.

We did so many fun, touristy things and loved every minute of it! We went to the beach and had the best time ever. There were seals and the sun was out and my Montana kiddo got to play in the ocean. I was with my SisInLaw and niece and my son and it was a completely great day full of memories. I also got to spend time with All three of my sisters and my Mama, my niece, and my daughter! I will just say that Good Times were had by All!

I had so many fun adventures and laughs and I feel beyond Blessed for the gift of Time. I knew it was special while it was happening...not being at work or in the snow was the big tip off, so I was really able to be present and Grateful for quality time I got to have with so many of my closest family and best girlfriends, and new babies, and precious reunions. I was also afforded the gift of Time for ME! Lots of time to sit and think and process. Lots of Time to see and do and relax. Lots of Time to Reflect, give extra Love, and Pray. I wish this same gift of Time to each and every One of you too! Truly xoxo!

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