Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Love the Rose Bowl Flea Mart

I finally made it to the Rose Bowl Flea Mart, with my sister and her 4 month old, Jack! Some of you might be questioning taking a 4 month old junkin but it's really quite genius, his mama carried him in some baby contraption and we loaded the stroller with treasure. Plus he's super cute to boot. I mentioned in a previous post that my dad used to take me and my three sisters to the Rose Bowl when we were kids to hunt for bargains, but I haven't been back since, so i wasn't sure what to expect. I had already been told it is pretty pricey but there are bargains to be found...I would agree with that. It took me four hours to collect my beautiful pile of junk love pictured above.

I Love this color blue so much, I'm sure that's really weird but it is truly the lovliest!

This little suitcase was one of my favorite finds. I love vintage suitcases but a lot of times when you open them they are plastic inside. I do not like plastic. When I opened this and it was lovely red, plaid fabric...eeeee! And a mirror, oh my gosh. I Love this suitcase, it will be hard to sell. Hmmm, this could be a problem for me in the future. 

I wanted to make sure i got a picture of the rusty was a bargain! Isn't it pretty?

I also got a bag full of linens, tablecloths, and pretty hand embrordered lovelies. There's too many to show  you so I'll leave you with this cheery, yellow table cloth...sigh, I want to keep this too.

 I did come across some other good deals but had to be somewhat rational considering I have to get it all home to Montana. There was a great little stained glass window and it was a super price, but it was already broken and looked too fragile, but oh man was it fantastic! It was also really fun to see all of the fun and interesting California pickers and treasure hunters, it's a colorful group! I had the greatest time ever just finding our way through the maze of rows of beautiful vintage, rusty junk, shabby shic, industrial, and artisitic repurposing. My sister is one of my very most favorite humans and pickin is one of my veru most favorite things to do, it was a happy memory maker for sure!

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  1. Melissa, love your treasures. Nothing better than pickin with a sista!!!