Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tiny Temples

I was chatting it up with one of my closest friends the other day and we were talking about our design and home style, we both agreed we had too small of spaces to have the luxury of having an actual style, ha. I was giving her some tips on making a special little sacred space, a tiny temple where she can put special things that have meaning to her. We agreed that everything I own is a tiny temple. I am a very sentimental, nostalgic girl...very. Our house is so small I have to be really choosy about what stays and what goes, which is hard for a junker! The result is that everything I own has meaning to me or I absolutely just Love it!

I was tucking my son in bed the other night, he has bunk beds so you have to climb up a ladder. I love going up there because it is his own little world, and I noticed that he also has tiny temples everywhere! He had his dad put shelves up by where he sleeps and they are filled with all of the magical treasures you have when you are nine. I took some pictures of his world to share with you. He also has a huge tie die peace sign hanging from the ceiling right above his bed. That treasure is leftover from my adventures following the Grateful Dead around 25 years ago...it's awesome when your kids think you have cool things!

I don't know what your style is but I hope you have things that you Love and that make you feel good, and when you look around maybe you'll find you have tiny temples too!
Melissa xoxo

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