Monday, January 2, 2012

Matters of the Heart

The moon coming up over my garden makes me really wish I could go out there and do a little moonlight flower picking, but it's clearly hibernating at this time. I do some hibernating myself in the Winter, and although sometimes I might moan and groan a wee little bit about Winter come March, I appreciate the quiet that the season brings. I am a very reflective person on any day of the week but Winter really brings me in touch with my Heart and the things that matter to me. I have time to dream and hope and scheme and time to be grateful.
 It's dark at five in the evening and I take Bodie the Great to school in the dark in the morning. I am self employed and it's very easy for me to hermit! I'm also a dreamer. I could easily waste away time playing and daydreaming, wishing and hoping, and praying and loving. I'm one of those people who would prefer to have money and success right from the start and then leave this earth worn out, broke, and weathered. Just how I like my junk, wink wink! I have a clear vision of what I want for and from myself and this life but I have no idea about the logistics. I pray for big, neon signs all the time! The signs I get aren't big and neon though, they are usually subtle and quiet, looking like they've been there all along just waiting for me to make my way...hmmm. I warned you I was reflective!
There are so many things I would love to accomplish this year and after all of this quiet, Wintry time passes I get busy putting all those daydreams into action. In the Summer here, the sun doesn't go down until eleven at night and it comes up around five thirty. People that live here jam so much living and playing and working and doing into the short Summer it's pretty darn amazing. Ha, so just think, my posts won't always be so mushy, they will change with the seasons pretty much!
 I am still really excited to get my new little junk business going and my Heart beats strong for it still, so I'm all in!


  1. Wow, the sun sets at 11pm, I could not see where you live, someplace way up north I am guessing. I live in Orlando, but with the sun setting at 5pm I always get little melancholy and introspective this time of year too! I grew up in Minnesota, so I understand busy summers, yep everything was jammed into 2 months


  2. Beautiful! I am now a follower of your as well! Hugs lulu

  3. What a gorgeous photo to welcome me to your blog, that is divine!!

  4. Great post. Looking forward to following you as well. Have you thought about going to the Haven Conference in June? Looks like it is going to be a blast!