Saturday, January 21, 2012

Beyond Excited!

Hello Friends! It's done, my new and much improved blog is finished and I Love it so much! The most super awesome gal did all this for me and I cannot even begin to tell you what amazing work ethic and talent she has! You may find her on etsy, her business name is Little Web Writing Hood! How cute is that? I will figure out how to be fancypants and make a link to her site...but that might take me a bit! I also met a super friend through doing this and am so happy we met...through emails that is. She lives in TX and I'm in MT, but she found my little blog and befriended me and referred me to Little Web Writing Hood, and we've been chatting and daydreaming and are two peas in a pod the two of us! Isn't that the best! A new blog and two new friends...Jana and Deana you guys rock!
So here it is, what do you guys think? I am dying to hear back from someone! Eeeee, did I mention how excited I am!


  1. I am super excited for you! The blog looks awesome!! I am glad we met and have become friends, two peas in a pod indeed! The picture in this post is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am a little jealous of your scenery.

  2. It's very pretty and full of personality with clean lines and a fresh look.
    Love it!! Congrats on the pretty new blog =)))