Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Spirit of Christmas Really does live in your Heart!

This Christmas has been a little different for me. This Christmas I am spending it with my son, Bodie the Great, just the two of us! Normally my husband would be here, our daughter Hailey, and my dad and step-mama, since we're neighbors And family. Some years, some or all of my three sisters and their families might be here, or my husbands family. My husband is working in California this Winter, so that's where he is, but he is with his family and not alone. Our daughter also lives and goes to college there, so he gets her all to himself...lucky! Oh how I miss that girl...sigh. My folks are also in California this year, two of my sisters have new little ones and Grandparents just can't resist that pitter patter of little feet. As it should be, I had my time...sigh again. So I will admit I was having a little difficulty getting in the holiday Spirit of things, okay a lot maybe. I didn't feel like ordering cards or shopping at all. I made jam back in November and I always give that, but that was all I could muster. I know your thinking "Bah Humbug" and I was almost there, but then I was surprised!

Bodie the Great and I started watching our favorite Christmas movies and did some baking, to go with the jam. We played in the snow, listened to Christmas music on Pandora (I heart Pandora by the way), and handmade some gift tags. We also got five invites to join people for Christmas dinner, five! People never stop amazing me with their kindness, and Bigfork is extra good at having amazing people in it! (I heart Bigfork by the way) Bodie and I had decided we wanted to stay home that day and stay in jammies, so that's the plan!

I never did get into any hustling, or bustling for that matter, I don't even have cookies to leave for Santa...gasp! (It's okay, we left him See's!) Bodie's been down with a flu bug, so we haven't been indulging or making merry. But, we have been cuddling and hanging up the cards as they come in and putting presents under the tree as the UPS guy brings us boxes...yippee! I've also had lots of time, since no bustle, to think about my family and friends. I love to think of my sisters with their babies and toddlers and the excitement that brings. That generally leads to me thinking of my own little ones and the Joy we had with them on Christmas...and about change. My other sister (empty nester) is having a "different" Christmas too. She's an amazing teacher and decided to do some volunteering with her time. We talked today and had a "moment", you know a wee little moment where you wish things wouldn't change so fast but you know they will and so it hangs a little heavy on your Heart moment. We decided that maybe this is when people start going to Hawaii for Christmas, wink wink. We talked about being little ourselves and the fun we had as four sisters (I heart my sisters by the way) and how magical Christmas was every year. My dad used to leave boot prints from the chimney to the tree with powdered sugar so it looked like snow! Now we're grown and some of our kids are grown and things are "different".

So here I am with a sleeping boy beside me, my Heart filled with Love for my family, my memories filled with Joy for my beautiful past, and waiting for hustle, no bustle but full of Christmas Spirit in my Heart!
I wish each and every one of you reading this a Merry Merry Christmas, but mostly I wish for you a life filled with Love! Melissa xoxo

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  1. At least you and Bodie had one another! It must have been a tough Christmas for both of you.