Sunday, December 18, 2011

Okay, I'm beaking down and getting crafty on you.

Most of you have probably seen all of the different snow globes going around blogworld made with mason jars, even my sons 3rd grade class is making some! So, I thought I would share my version of it and tell you how to do it...because it's sooo easy. Come on, 3rd graders are doing it. I made these last year for gifts and I wish I would have stocked up on those sweet little vintage trees because they are hard to find now. The jar is about 7" tall. First thing you need to do is put a small amount of glue or epoxy on the inside, bottom of the jar and glue down whatever cute miniature you have chosen. Okay, that was the hardest part, told you it was easy! Add some fake snow. I used Mica Snow, its that vintage, shimmery, metallic-ish can order it online.

I also glued a piece of cream colored felt to the bottom and some velvet ribbon at the top of the jar, it's a nice touch. Miniatures can be elusive sometimes. I look out for them all year round, anywhere I go. I have miniature fairy gardens (okay, villages really) in my garden and I also love indoor miniature gardening! Oh you will see pictures at some point I promise.

By the way, the jar was $4.00, the deer was $1.50, the Mica was $10.00 for a bag that allowed me to make six of these, and the trees were $10.00 for three, but on sale! Fun and super cute!
Warmly, Melissa

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  1. Very cute, Melissa!
    I just pinned a version of these on Pinterest last night. Thanks for the reminder to be on the lookout year round for the miniatures, as I think it's too late for me to gather up the supplies this year!