Sunday, December 18, 2011

I've missed you!

First off, Hello and Merry Christmas! Can you believe it's only one week away? It's also almost Winter Solstice and you know what that means...the days start getting longer! It is very easy for me to "drop out" of the local and beyond happenings and just spend my days working and thinking and dreaming and loving my family. I live pretty remotely on a little over 10 acres at the end of a long, bumpy dirt road...or snowy-icy road in the Winter. I don't belong to any women's groups and I'm not a soccer mom. Good thing my kids not a soccer kid right? When I'm working restoring log homes I am usually alone on a ladder or working beside my husband,and I love that. A desk job is not for this girl. My children help keep me in this world, I drive my son to 3rd grade every morning and that forces me away from my woods and into the happenings. It's a good thing, I know that really. Something I have surprisingly come to love is the friends I have made through blogs and Facebook. Let's not forget my challenges with my friendly computer, alas I keep trying to figure it all out because I really like it and I want to make it amazing for you! I love all the women who are willing to share, I love all of the amazing creativity I get to see All the time, and I love that I'm trying to be a part of it too. I kinda like change and I like when I know I'm doing things that make me afraid but speak to my Heart. I have a ton of ideas! I'm working on a bunch of different projects (I have a problem finishing one thing at a time) and I am staying up late at night writing lists. I am impatient and want to get to the fun part, when I get to do the markets and I have a collection to sell. I do have business cards now and that's pretty fun! I hope the seasons are treating everyone good and you are feeling some special, tingly, Christmasy feelings! Warmly, Melissa

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