Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chipmunk Tails and Plucked Ducks

Ha ha ha! That title is so funny to me! So today I cleaned out the shed, that is now my official workshop, and it was icky to say the least! The shed belongs to my dad and Red Hen, but we are neighbors, so I can walk there which makes for a nice commute. There was tons of trash and forgotten boxes in there, there was also tons of dead critters, critter poop, and critter nests...can you say ewww! The shining star of the day was my shop vac and my face mask...can you say hantrivirus! I'm just going to assume that everyone has a shop vac, right? Surely you must! If I could rig my shop vac into a house vac, I would be so excited! They have awesome suction, tons of attachments, and you can vacuum up big frozen critter-pops! It was 28 degrees while I was cleaning the workshop and I can say for sure that this was one time I was so grateful for the below freezing temps. Dead things don't smell and critter-pops are easy to remove...gag reflex! I found mostly whole, perfectly preserved frozen critters but there was also two chipmunk tails. Just the tails. Why oh why would there be just tails? Where are the rest of them? I'm pretty sure chipmunks don't shed their tails like deer do their antlers or snakes their skins...although that sounds better than the alternatives or finding them later! There was also an antique trunk in there and I noticed it had a small hole where the front latch should be. Oh man, that means there would for sure be critters in there. So I slowly opened the lid, just a little, in case something was alive and gonna get me of course! I peeked inside and there were eyes staring back at me...girl scream followed. After my girly instincts quited down I looked again, it wasn't alive, bonus! What it actually turned out to be was a stuffed mallard duck that belonged to my dad. What had to be at least a million mice had plucked this poor duckie bare and made cozy little critter nests under the naked ducks feet. I would love to say I took care of it but I actually batted my eyes at my dad and he cleaned it out for me. I love that I am 38 and that still works with my dad! After a huge run to the trash the workshop is all cleaned and ready for work to take place in it. The fun starts now! I am taking all the furniture pieces I have stored in my barn down to the workshop tomorrow and ordering some awesome paint I've had my eye on. Thanks for the nice comments and love friends!
P.S. Been thinking the workshop needs a name? Workshop is so impersonal and workshop and I have definitely had some TMI moments, taking our relationship to another level. Will accept suggestions:)
Warmly, Melissa

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