Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Red Hen

So here's my second post and this one is to introduce you to my partner, who also happens to be my step-mama! She represents the Red Hen and I the Honey Bee. I have been yard sale-ing, craft fair-ing, going to the auction, and junking with her for at least 15 years, so when I wanted to have a partner in crime, she was an easy choice. We also happen to be neighbors and love the same fun things! You probably won't ever find her on the blog or FB because that's not her thing, but she is behind the scenes and contributing to the fun we're having buying and selling vintage and antiques. The two of us went to an auction last night and found lots of good treasures, so many we had to be very clever to strategically fit them in the car! We tend to buy first and then figure out how to get it home after, we"ll have to work on that! My next task is to figure out how to post some pictures from the auction and of our great finds...typewriter brain strikes again! Warmly, Melissa

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