Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Homesteaders Cabin

Hello fellow junk lovers! If you really like the old rusty stuff, then this post is for you! I seasonally restore and maintain log homes with my husband. These original homesteaders cabins are on the property of some customers of ours and they let me be nosy and go exploring! I go nuts for old things, I love to imagine what it might have been like in those days gone by. The struggles they must have endured, this is Montana after all and it is cooolllld for half the year, and Really cold for several of those months! I don't know how well you can see the picture , but there is an old rusty bed frame with the rusty coils right on top! There are cooking items, hand tools, and Lots of critters nests! (Picker Rule #1- Always bring a flashlight, gloves, and a bandanna for your hair and face!) There are also several of the original glass windows still in place, amazing! I get so excited to hear stories about old things and these people had researched all of the history of their property. They weren't interested in removing anything or restoring anything, they just like to watch it grow old and tell them stories. Not all old "treasures" get saved, that's why I think they are so cool and that's why this business makes me happy! xoxox 

Homesteaders Cabins, 1904

Inside homesteaders you see that old bed frame? Its original from 1904!

Original homesteaders cabin, 1904
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  1. Hi Melissa! I love finding new bloggers because I remember being the new blogger. I knew nothing about computers either but I have come a long way.
    Anyway...the other thing is, I live in Orlando Fl but we have a little house in Lakeside Montana!! We go for Christmas and the summer. Have you been to Vintiquities in Somers? That's my friend Anita, she's a junker too. If you go tell her I sent you. And do you go to Vintage Whites Market? Lots of questions...hehe