Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Beginning...gulp!

Hi! Okay this is my very first post and I feel silly nervous! I say silly because really there is no one here but me and my computer. For my very first post I'm going to talk about my computer skill deficiency. This is not a fun or exciting topic but it is necessary to be clear about it right from the get go, because I promise you will get posts from me pulling my hair out trying to figure some computer thingy out that I for sure need to be successful! I have a typewriter brain and no matter how hard I try to not be a dinosaur, it is a huge struggle for me. Getting this blog going required the help of a lovely 17 year old girl, a good computer savvy friend , and numerous bad words and prayers. Oh and I wanted to mention right now an amazing site,! I have know idea who these super ladies are but they actually create fun and so cute things for your blog...for free! So I have lots to do on my blog before I will be happy about it, but I need to get it live or I will never make any friends! Tomorrow I'm going to an auction so hopefully I'll have something more exciting to post after that.

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