Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Spirit of Christmas Really does live in your Heart!

This Christmas has been a little different for me. This Christmas I am spending it with my son, Bodie the Great, just the two of us! Normally my husband would be here, our daughter Hailey, and my dad and step-mama, since we're neighbors And family. Some years, some or all of my three sisters and their families might be here, or my husbands family. My husband is working in California this Winter, so that's where he is, but he is with his family and not alone. Our daughter also lives and goes to college there, so he gets her all to himself...lucky! Oh how I miss that girl...sigh. My folks are also in California this year, two of my sisters have new little ones and Grandparents just can't resist that pitter patter of little feet. As it should be, I had my time...sigh again. So I will admit I was having a little difficulty getting in the holiday Spirit of things, okay a lot maybe. I didn't feel like ordering cards or shopping at all. I made jam back in November and I always give that, but that was all I could muster. I know your thinking "Bah Humbug" and I was almost there, but then I was surprised!

Bodie the Great and I started watching our favorite Christmas movies and did some baking, to go with the jam. We played in the snow, listened to Christmas music on Pandora (I heart Pandora by the way), and handmade some gift tags. We also got five invites to join people for Christmas dinner, five! People never stop amazing me with their kindness, and Bigfork is extra good at having amazing people in it! (I heart Bigfork by the way) Bodie and I had decided we wanted to stay home that day and stay in jammies, so that's the plan!

I never did get into any hustling, or bustling for that matter, I don't even have cookies to leave for Santa...gasp! (It's okay, we left him See's!) Bodie's been down with a flu bug, so we haven't been indulging or making merry. But, we have been cuddling and hanging up the cards as they come in and putting presents under the tree as the UPS guy brings us boxes...yippee! I've also had lots of time, since no bustle, to think about my family and friends. I love to think of my sisters with their babies and toddlers and the excitement that brings. That generally leads to me thinking of my own little ones and the Joy we had with them on Christmas...and about change. My other sister (empty nester) is having a "different" Christmas too. She's an amazing teacher and decided to do some volunteering with her time. We talked today and had a "moment", you know a wee little moment where you wish things wouldn't change so fast but you know they will and so it hangs a little heavy on your Heart moment. We decided that maybe this is when people start going to Hawaii for Christmas, wink wink. We talked about being little ourselves and the fun we had as four sisters (I heart my sisters by the way) and how magical Christmas was every year. My dad used to leave boot prints from the chimney to the tree with powdered sugar so it looked like snow! Now we're grown and some of our kids are grown and things are "different".

So here I am with a sleeping boy beside me, my Heart filled with Love for my family, my memories filled with Joy for my beautiful past, and waiting for hustle, no bustle but full of Christmas Spirit in my Heart!
I wish each and every one of you reading this a Merry Merry Christmas, but mostly I wish for you a life filled with Love! Melissa xoxo

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Okay, I'm beaking down and getting crafty on you.

Most of you have probably seen all of the different snow globes going around blogworld made with mason jars, even my sons 3rd grade class is making some! So, I thought I would share my version of it and tell you how to do it...because it's sooo easy. Come on, 3rd graders are doing it. I made these last year for gifts and I wish I would have stocked up on those sweet little vintage trees because they are hard to find now. The jar is about 7" tall. First thing you need to do is put a small amount of glue or epoxy on the inside, bottom of the jar and glue down whatever cute miniature you have chosen. Okay, that was the hardest part, told you it was easy! Add some fake snow. I used Mica Snow, its that vintage, shimmery, metallic-ish can order it online.

I also glued a piece of cream colored felt to the bottom and some velvet ribbon at the top of the jar, it's a nice touch. Miniatures can be elusive sometimes. I look out for them all year round, anywhere I go. I have miniature fairy gardens (okay, villages really) in my garden and I also love indoor miniature gardening! Oh you will see pictures at some point I promise.

By the way, the jar was $4.00, the deer was $1.50, the Mica was $10.00 for a bag that allowed me to make six of these, and the trees were $10.00 for three, but on sale! Fun and super cute!
Warmly, Melissa

I've missed you!

First off, Hello and Merry Christmas! Can you believe it's only one week away? It's also almost Winter Solstice and you know what that means...the days start getting longer! It is very easy for me to "drop out" of the local and beyond happenings and just spend my days working and thinking and dreaming and loving my family. I live pretty remotely on a little over 10 acres at the end of a long, bumpy dirt road...or snowy-icy road in the Winter. I don't belong to any women's groups and I'm not a soccer mom. Good thing my kids not a soccer kid right? When I'm working restoring log homes I am usually alone on a ladder or working beside my husband,and I love that. A desk job is not for this girl. My children help keep me in this world, I drive my son to 3rd grade every morning and that forces me away from my woods and into the happenings. It's a good thing, I know that really. Something I have surprisingly come to love is the friends I have made through blogs and Facebook. Let's not forget my challenges with my friendly computer, alas I keep trying to figure it all out because I really like it and I want to make it amazing for you! I love all the women who are willing to share, I love all of the amazing creativity I get to see All the time, and I love that I'm trying to be a part of it too. I kinda like change and I like when I know I'm doing things that make me afraid but speak to my Heart. I have a ton of ideas! I'm working on a bunch of different projects (I have a problem finishing one thing at a time) and I am staying up late at night writing lists. I am impatient and want to get to the fun part, when I get to do the markets and I have a collection to sell. I do have business cards now and that's pretty fun! I hope the seasons are treating everyone good and you are feeling some special, tingly, Christmasy feelings! Warmly, Melissa

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eeeee! I'm so excited friends! One of the most special, important women in my life gifted me this Jenny Lind bed for my new business, yes gifted! I am so in love with the color, I dont think I will be changing it at all! I'm thinking something pretty can be stenciled on the headboard though? Just wanted to show all you junkers my new treasure, I know you'll love it too! Hope everyone is having a great day! Thank you, thank you, thank you Sweet Bonnie!
Warmly, Melissa xoxo
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Garden and My Mountain

I heart my Garden!

     I cater to honey bees, go figure!


I also cater to the fairies! I'm a believer!

My garden and my mountain, love them!

Me and Bodie the Great, my nine year old.

Hi All! I've been busy doing un-blogworthy things but wanted to say Hi! Ive made some new friends from the blog and Facebook and they are all so nice and supportive, its very exciting! I love so much getting to talk to other junkers and gardeners from all over the US. I don't have any International friends yet, but hopefully that will be in my future...especially from Paris, wink wink! Who couldn't use a junker friend from Paris, right? Some of these new friends have Amazing blogs and businesses of their own and I get so much motivation from them. I have to say that I love the way women will lift up a perfect stranger, befriend her and inspire her. I love mighty women, full of spunk! I need to practice uploading photos and adding text etc. so I thought I'd post some pictures for all my new friends so you can get to know me better. I picked some of my favorite things! Excuse any doubles, or any other random seeming things since I'm experimenting and that always promises to be a challenge for me, sigh. There's only one way to learn and improve so here goes...Melissa xoxo

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chipmunk Tails and Plucked Ducks

Ha ha ha! That title is so funny to me! So today I cleaned out the shed, that is now my official workshop, and it was icky to say the least! The shed belongs to my dad and Red Hen, but we are neighbors, so I can walk there which makes for a nice commute. There was tons of trash and forgotten boxes in there, there was also tons of dead critters, critter poop, and critter nests...can you say ewww! The shining star of the day was my shop vac and my face mask...can you say hantrivirus! I'm just going to assume that everyone has a shop vac, right? Surely you must! If I could rig my shop vac into a house vac, I would be so excited! They have awesome suction, tons of attachments, and you can vacuum up big frozen critter-pops! It was 28 degrees while I was cleaning the workshop and I can say for sure that this was one time I was so grateful for the below freezing temps. Dead things don't smell and critter-pops are easy to remove...gag reflex! I found mostly whole, perfectly preserved frozen critters but there was also two chipmunk tails. Just the tails. Why oh why would there be just tails? Where are the rest of them? I'm pretty sure chipmunks don't shed their tails like deer do their antlers or snakes their skins...although that sounds better than the alternatives or finding them later! There was also an antique trunk in there and I noticed it had a small hole where the front latch should be. Oh man, that means there would for sure be critters in there. So I slowly opened the lid, just a little, in case something was alive and gonna get me of course! I peeked inside and there were eyes staring back at me...girl scream followed. After my girly instincts quited down I looked again, it wasn't alive, bonus! What it actually turned out to be was a stuffed mallard duck that belonged to my dad. What had to be at least a million mice had plucked this poor duckie bare and made cozy little critter nests under the naked ducks feet. I would love to say I took care of it but I actually batted my eyes at my dad and he cleaned it out for me. I love that I am 38 and that still works with my dad! After a huge run to the trash the workshop is all cleaned and ready for work to take place in it. The fun starts now! I am taking all the furniture pieces I have stored in my barn down to the workshop tomorrow and ordering some awesome paint I've had my eye on. Thanks for the nice comments and love friends!
P.S. Been thinking the workshop needs a name? Workshop is so impersonal and workshop and I have definitely had some TMI moments, taking our relationship to another level. Will accept suggestions:)
Warmly, Melissa

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Homesteaders Cabin

Hello fellow junk lovers! If you really like the old rusty stuff, then this post is for you! I seasonally restore and maintain log homes with my husband. These original homesteaders cabins are on the property of some customers of ours and they let me be nosy and go exploring! I go nuts for old things, I love to imagine what it might have been like in those days gone by. The struggles they must have endured, this is Montana after all and it is cooolllld for half the year, and Really cold for several of those months! I don't know how well you can see the picture , but there is an old rusty bed frame with the rusty coils right on top! There are cooking items, hand tools, and Lots of critters nests! (Picker Rule #1- Always bring a flashlight, gloves, and a bandanna for your hair and face!) There are also several of the original glass windows still in place, amazing! I get so excited to hear stories about old things and these people had researched all of the history of their property. They weren't interested in removing anything or restoring anything, they just like to watch it grow old and tell them stories. Not all old "treasures" get saved, that's why I think they are so cool and that's why this business makes me happy! xoxox 

Homesteaders Cabins, 1904

Inside homesteaders you see that old bed frame? Its original from 1904!

Original homesteaders cabin, 1904
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tis' the season!

Posted by PicasaSo long Autumn...Hello Winter!
Well this is the very last of my garden harvest and it will now be a yummy treat for the local deer! Getting a tree today and switching out Fall for Christmas decorations, tis' the season to be merry!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Childs Desk

Well I managed to upload the photo but couldn't figure out how to write a post to go with it? This is a separate post, hmmm. Anyways, this is a super cut little child's vintage desk that I picked up this Summer. This is one of the items I am refinishing. Look how cute the legs on the chair is and I love that there is a key hole on the drawer! Hopefully I will get this photo stuff dialed in and I can show you some more fun stuff! Warmly, Melissa

Testing for uploading photos...please work!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Red Hen

So here's my second post and this one is to introduce you to my partner, who also happens to be my step-mama! She represents the Red Hen and I the Honey Bee. I have been yard sale-ing, craft fair-ing, going to the auction, and junking with her for at least 15 years, so when I wanted to have a partner in crime, she was an easy choice. We also happen to be neighbors and love the same fun things! You probably won't ever find her on the blog or FB because that's not her thing, but she is behind the scenes and contributing to the fun we're having buying and selling vintage and antiques. The two of us went to an auction last night and found lots of good treasures, so many we had to be very clever to strategically fit them in the car! We tend to buy first and then figure out how to get it home after, we"ll have to work on that! My next task is to figure out how to post some pictures from the auction and of our great finds...typewriter brain strikes again! Warmly, Melissa

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Beginning...gulp!

Hi! Okay this is my very first post and I feel silly nervous! I say silly because really there is no one here but me and my computer. For my very first post I'm going to talk about my computer skill deficiency. This is not a fun or exciting topic but it is necessary to be clear about it right from the get go, because I promise you will get posts from me pulling my hair out trying to figure some computer thingy out that I for sure need to be successful! I have a typewriter brain and no matter how hard I try to not be a dinosaur, it is a huge struggle for me. Getting this blog going required the help of a lovely 17 year old girl, a good computer savvy friend , and numerous bad words and prayers. Oh and I wanted to mention right now an amazing site,! I have know idea who these super ladies are but they actually create fun and so cute things for your blog...for free! So I have lots to do on my blog before I will be happy about it, but I need to get it live or I will never make any friends! Tomorrow I'm going to an auction so hopefully I'll have something more exciting to post after that.